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The Shasta Pacific RR is an imaginary subsidiary of the Southern Pacific RR that a STB ruling protected from being swallowed up by the yellow peril meger.  It is predominantly the SP Shasta Division in western USA but stretches from Portland to Bakersfield & Mojave via Tehachapi & covers a loose time frame 1940 - 1996. [Modeling license].  The Shasta Pacific uses mainly leased SP locos, plus a few from other RR's, but repainting of some of the equipment in its own colors is progressing as time & traffic permit.  Colors are similar to SPSF Kodachrome, but with a forward leaning slope in lieu of the war bonnet curve.  Some locos that didn't require full painting were patched.  Shasta Pacific CEO, Ken Leitch, is a long time SP fan, so several  of SP’s famous  “Name Trains” are operated in authentic colors as tourist operations.
        The HO scale layout is housed in a 2-car garage (6M x 6M) in the backyard at Beerwah (nearby Australia Zoo) & is the 4th layout built.  A decision was made about 1990 to go with DCC for my control system. A Lenz system was obtained & was great to operate.  In 2000, an NCE system was purchased to take advantage of later technology with easier operation, & 4 radio throttles were added in 2009.  Loco decoders are Lenz, NCE, TCS & Digitrax, plus Soundtrax, LokSound & QSI sound decoders.  Servos, Switchmaster, Cobalt or Tortise slow motion switch machines power all mainline turnouts, & are controlled by DCC accessory decoders (NCE, Cobalt,Tam Valley & EasyDCC) and push buttons.  Using additional DCC Boosters, the layout is divided into 3 power districts.
        Minimum radius is 28.5” with most mainline curves 33” radius, some super-elevated.  Early construction was code 100, but later additions are code 83.  Height of the layout is designed to assist my aching back.  Lower level is 48”, & upper level is 54”.  A hidden 4-track staging yard has been built below track level on the northern wall.  A DC point to point section with automatic reversing has been laid to model the operations of SP subsidiary, Pacific Electric – great for running in a loco, also. This section will soon be converted to DCC as access to new eastern staging. (Below main yard).
        A narrow gauge section (HOn3) depicting Southern Pacific 3 foot gauge operations in Death Valley was started but has been abandoned due to future standard guaging of portion of narrow guage trackage.
All types of scenery construction are utilized with plaster covering chicken wire, polystyrene, calico, or cardboard.  Some sections only have base scenery & will have more detail added in due course.  Rock moulds & bridge abutments are being added as time permits. This is a work in progress.
        The Shasta Pacific CEO started modeling in 1952 with Hornby Dublo 3 rail trains and has had an interest in Southern Pacific since 1957 when he purchased his first HO rolling stock – SP ‘Golden State’ passenger coaches made by Rivarossi (from Athearn moulds) & Athearn rubber band drive F7A & RDC units plus a Lionel (HO) GP-9 unit.
        Ken is also active on the exhibition scene, having exhibited various layouts in South-East Qld over the last 54 years. (Missed only 5 years.)
Current exhibition layout is a N Scale layout called Shasta Crossing, built to Australian T-Track standards, but with individual modules combined into 3 large modules for ease of transport and set up.  A 4th large module is under construction to give an optional viewing.
        In late 2015, a 7.25" guage 0-6-0 diesel ride-on loco, Jumbuck #4, was obtained & gives rides to young & old at Nambour Model Railway Park every 4th Sunday of the year.
        Ken is a Life Member of NMRA, honorary life member of Gold Coast Model Railway Club, & currently a member of Caloundra District Model Railway Association & Sunshine Coast  Railway Modellers Society.